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  1. Ron Bertino

    Professional versus non-professional status at IB

    Here is the list of criteria which IB will use in order to determine if you are considered a professional of non-professional.
  2. Ron Bertino

    charting pull backs

    What you're ultimately looking to build is a `Study Filter`. You'll find this in TOS => Scan => Stock Hacker => Add Study Filter You can then edit that study filter and define whatever criteria you want, via technical analysis, using the "Edit Condition" builder that they have. If you want to...
  3. Ron Bertino

    New futures options platform coming for TradeStation

    New futures options platform coming for TradeStation
  4. Ron Bertino

    TDA using the last trade price of a contract rather than mark-to-market

    Ady said: As long as I don’t end up losing net over two years I guess the path of least resistance is to just ignore it? Steve S. said: Ady If the amount of money/taxes doesn't bother you then definitely ignore it. It's only an issue if you are going to be paying 2018 taxes on fake MTM...
  5. Ron Bertino

    TDA using the last trade price of a contract rather than mark-to-market

    gniewosz said: Thanks @topdrudge for report of your struggle. I've seen some traders dealing with this issue by doing small, 1 lot trades at the end of Dec where they had sizable positions, just to create more reasonable Last print. I don't think they were as big as you are. Mid print can be...
  6. Ron Bertino

    Financial data for FCMs

    Financial data for FCMs
  7. Ron Bertino

    TDA using the last trade price of a contract rather than mark-to-market

    Steve S. said: Anyone who still cares about TDA mark to market accounting on the 1099-B unrealized p&l: They finally got back to me on my inquiry, and told me what I expected to hear ... they contract settlements out to Gainskeeper, Gainskeeper uses the last trade price no matter how many days...
  8. Ron Bertino

    Guidelines from the FibonacciQueen

    Guidelines from the FibonacciQueen (Carolyn Boroden) She makes the following freely available: Intro webinar Example of entry triggers
  9. Ron Bertino

    Variations of Space Trip Trade

    Yes, there are variations of the STT which are closer to being ATM, and we have also developed other trades within the Mastermind group which are ATM style trades.
  10. Ron Bertino

    Modeling STT on OV or ONE

    That's because the entire trade structure you've modeled has been put on for a slight credit of +$385. So if SPX stays above 2600 by expiration, then you'll get $385. Prior to expiration you'll be able to potentially make much more than that, due to the impact of theta coming into the trade. You...
  11. Ron Bertino

    Modeling STT on OV or ONE

    When everything is unchecked, it reverts to using standard Black-Scholes.
  12. Ron Bertino

    Modeling STT on OV or ONE

    Note that our Trading Dominion community has now gone back to just using standard Black Scholes modelling though. This is mainly because: a) it's a formula that is well known and fully available for analysis, whereas "volatility surface" in ONE and other models in other software are...
  13. Ron Bertino

    Modeling STT on OV or ONE

    @cay7man, in order to get a risk graph similar to what you see in the screenshot you posted, you'll need to configure ONE to use "volatility surface" and "sync".
  14. Ron Bertino

    How to insert images from image hosting services into a forum post

    As you saw from the video above, the URL you get back from SnagIT or Jing is the URL for a webpage which has your image within it, and is NOT the image URL itself. In order to get the image URL, you need to open up a new web browser window (Ctrl-N), select the address bar (Ctrl-L), paste in the...
  15. Ron Bertino

    Variations of Space Trip Trade

    Glad to hear that you're liking the original STT. The original STT was built as a moderate downside hedge trade (not for black swan protection). I later created 4 or 5 other variants of the original STT, with a focus on them being used as income trades rather than as downside hedges. These 5 or...
  16. Ron Bertino

    John Locke - M3

    Here is an intro to John Locke's M3 trade, presented by Dave Thomas: Here's another one: If you would like to purchase John Locke's full course on the M3, you can do so here.
  17. Ron Bertino

    Orange County (CA) Traders Group
  18. Ron Bertino

    Trend Fly

    Recording: Main site: Once you get stopped out of the call credit spread (CCS), you need to wait for the underlying to cross and close...
  19. Ron Bertino

    Momentum Burst Analysis

    Here's a video recommended by one of our members (The Zar): Summary provided by another one of our members (Alan M.): Summary of his criteria (if I understood him correctly): 1) Breakout that is up > 4% from previous day's close 2) Breakout volume > than volume of previous day 3)...
  20. Ron Bertino

    Andre Falde - Falde 60/40/20 Fly

    Some data from Steve Speer: --- Here's the 60/40/20 with 50%/50% SS delta exit and 30 DIT for trade entries 11/3/16 - 8/18/17 ... DTE on entry average 65. SPX chart below, to see how it struggles in up markets. Units = SPX points per one fly