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    No but I just saw they had an Excel plugin for pulling in historical option chains. I may give that a try to see if it works for some backtesting.
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    RTD - Using the 17 customs studies to send data to Excel

    Well I am in well above my head here. I am trying to pull in either next earnings date or days to earnings to Excel using RTD. I found this custom quote that seems to work when I use it in my watchlist. I renamed it to "earnings" Would I just use the field "earnings" in RTD now like...
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    Andre Falde - Falde 60/40/20 Fly

    Thanks for sharing. That is always a fear I have. If you start a new strategy that backtested well how do you know when to stop trading it vs. just working through a drawdown period?
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    Andre Falde - Falde 60/40/20 Fly

    Is anyone trading these? From what I can see in the optionlab backtests this Falde trade gives better risk adjusted returns than their BWB tests.
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    Andre Falde - Falde 60/40/20 Fly

    Backtest through 2019