AlgoNet Trial


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I have asked for ANE trial (I am a ONE customer). They set me up (download directly from ONE) and these are the terms:
* Trial length: 2 weeks (starts immediately, regardless of installation date.)
* "Trials are limited to using 6 months historical data for backtests. Paid subscriptions have access to our entire historical database."
* Full price: "AlgoNET Explorer 12 months: 799 GBP" - a bit over $1,000

What concerns me is that even though I am familiar with .NET programming languages, they did not provide a link to their manuals or code samples...

Ron Bertino

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they did not provide a link to their manuals or code samples
There's extremely little documentation so far.

Another thing that's missing, which I would personally want to see, are hooks to technical analysis studies.
For example, being able to make an adjustment decision if price crosses a particular moving average, etc.

The product has a lot of potential though....


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A few other pieces of information from ANE (Andy's emails)
* A PC that you installed ANE in becomes registered with them and another PC will not run it. This is in both trial and full versions. They can re-register a PC up 3 times within 6 months. I heard people are using ANE (and ONE) with Amazon hosting (t2.small Windows 2GB $0.032 per Hour) - I do not know much about it yet.
* "We are currently only making this available to ONE customers. Any non-ONE customers can add themselves to the mailing list on our website and we will notify them when we make it generally available."

Sample code: ANE shows C#/VB code generated by a wizard. I missed it initially.