Dummies guide to back testing in ONE (OptionNet Explorer)


A collection of things you may find useful:

Overview of platform (3min 22 sec to 43 min 45 sec):

Backtesting 101 (17min to 29 min):

Backtesting with probability cones and integrating price charts (34 min, 46 sec to 39 min, 30 sec):

Forecasting greeks and T+ lines (43 min, 30 sec to 45 min):

Adjustments & closing a trade (50 min to 53 min):

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Another good one I have discovered: there is a useful shortcut to close trades....

The process involved in closing a Trading Position is effectively the same as that of adjusting a Trading Position - you are adjusting the Position with exactly enough contracts to cancel out its open trades. See here for a detailed description of adjusting trades.

However, there is a useful shortcut when closing a Trading Position which saves you having to manually identify all the Strikes necessary to cancel out the Open Position:

Right click your mouse on the "Model" column header in the Option Chain and select "Enter Closing Model Trades" - ONE will then automatically populate the "Model" column with the required contracts necessary to close the Trading Position. Then press the "Commit Trade" button to save the adjustment (see here).



When entering the Model trades there are some useful shortcuts available which are accessible by clicking on the Model column header:


These features are described below:

The shortcuts available in the Option Chain Model Column

Enter Closing Model Trades

ONE determines which trades are required to close the current Position and populates the Model with said trades. If trades have already been entered into the Model, then those trades will have to be cleared first before ONE can enter the closing trades.

Clear All Model Trades

Clear all trades in the Model columns thereby deleting the proposed adjustment.