Free TOS Custom Studies and Code Help


Huge Database of FREE ThinkOrSwim Indicators and ThinkOrSwim Downloads


2) This site also has a ton of free custom studies and scans for TOS. The page starts off with basic coding info. Scroll down the page to find the studies. & ThinkScript Snippet

Other resources as listed at the bottom of the site:
  1. The learning center is a valuable excellent resource:
  2. TOS' Tools tab/MyTrade is used by many to post useful code. It is recommended that you learn the locations of those posters to access their code listings. The author of this document has code resources posted at in a browser format or within TOS via TOOLS/MYTRADE/PEOPLE TAB and search for 'StanL'. MyTrade also has postings by people wishing to discuss various trades. Any TOS user is eligible to establish a MyTrade page.
  3. has been a popular location for help and posting of ThinkScript code. It is a free site. It has been active since 2008.
  4. The site has subscriber and non-subscriber code by very capable coders.
  5. The ThinkOrSwim Resource Center is invaluable to all TS coders....
  6. The Thinkscript Lounge presents an after-market show on Tuesday. The show, called Mr. Script, provides invaluable code examples and discussions. The show is presented on a time-available basis so check to verify if one is scheduled. This show is very useful, informative and educational for anyone involved in ThinkScript coding.
  7. A popular PDF reader for this document is available at