Import and export tool by Anne Thorne

Ron Bertino

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Here is a tool, created by Anne Thorne, which enables you to import and export trades from OptionNet Explorer.
The tool is attached.

Here's a video explaining how to use it:

When exporting your trade from OptionNet Explorer, be sure to set the Report Type to "Detail":

[2018/06/23] Version 1.0.3:
This updated version of the tool now includes full trade details in the export file [ (AccountName) #TradeId TradeName ]
This implies that when you later go to import the file into ONE, you can now clearly see which trade each line refers to.
Note that you'll still need to manually re-link the trades via the import process though.
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Hi there,

Trying to export/import a trade I've always this message. I tried: Detail, Summary, just one trade, all trades in one account... But no success.
Any idea?

Many thanks

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Mark Joseph

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In Think Or Swim, in the Monitor tab, right click on one of the parameters just under the order history line. You'll get a dialogue called "Customize". There you can put the headings in the correct order for ONE to accept.

Glen Bien

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I can't down load this either because it is being reported as having a virus. Any thoughts on workarounds?