Momentum Burst Analysis

Ron Bertino

Staff member
Here's a video recommended by one of our members (The Zar):

Summary provided by another one of our members (Alan M.):

Summary of his criteria (if I understood him correctly):
1) Breakout that is up > 4% from previous day's close
2) Breakout volume > than volume of previous day
3) Breakout day volume > 100,000
4) Closing near its high, or if entering intraday, it is near its high
5) Not up 3 days in a row. You want to get it when it breaks out, not 3 days into a move
6) Look for very compact linear trends – avoid stocks which have been zig-zagging a lot
7) Orderly pullback or tight consolidation prior to the BO day
8) Narrow range or slightly negative on the day prior to the BO day
9) Don’t buy into an extended BO. You want to buy early in the BO
10) Not showing too many 4% breakdowns during a correction​