New video player deployed

Ron Bertino

Staff member
A new commercial video player has been deployed which has far more functionality, including the ability to control playback speed.
This player works on both desktop and mobile interfaces, so you'll also be able to speed up the playback from your iPhone/iPad, etc.


During playback, if you press the "?" key on the keyboard, you be shown the full list of keyboard shortcuts which are available in the player.



New Member
For people using AZERTY keyboard, what is the key to press for getting the full list of control buttons?

The "?" key does not give access to the menu.

Ron Bertino

Staff member
Just make sure that the mouse is hovering above the video window, and that the window has focus.
At that point, pressing the "?" key on the keyboard will show you the keyboard shortcuts.
You can also just reference what the keyboard shortcuts are by referencing the screenshot I've shown above.