RTD - Using the 17 customs studies to send data to Excel


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The "help on data export" (export menu in the trade tab) will display 17 custom studies available.



To use these studies in RTD:

For some strange reason, the 17 custom studies are NOT available in the study menu under the charts tab.

You will find them here:

Go to your watchlist, right click on the header of any column, and then select "customize"


Here you will see the 17 custom studies:


Click once on the study you want to modify, then click again on the paper scroll symbol:



You must create a script that will generate only one item/number.
Some Thinkscript commands will not work.

Example using the forceindex script from TOS:

declare lower;

input length = 13;

plot FI = ExpAverage(data = (close - close[1]) * volume, length);

In Excel, use this command:


You can check that all is working correctly by adding the study as a column in your watchlist:


In Excel, you will first get a "loading" message and it can take some time to display, but if you have a number in your watchlist, it must give the same in Excel.

Credit: I found this procedure in a PDF from R. Kaczmarek / John Locke's site.
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Ron Bertino

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Word of warning: if you change the name of one of these, say from CUSTOM1 to MyMagicIndicator, then Excel RTD will still refer to it as CUSTOM1, yet you will have easily forgotten which one of your many indicators was the one that used to be called CUSTOM1.
Therefore, my suggestion is to rename it to something like C1_MyMagicIndicator or MyMagicIndicator_C1
You want to have something in the name of the indicator that lets you know the underlying name that Excel RTD will be referencing (CUSTOM1).