Supply and Demand Trading w/Sam Seiden


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I did the OTA course (Futures & Options), and it cost me a small fortune! Most of it is theory stuff, which can be found for free online. Their proprietary "Core Strategy" is 50/50, in my opinion. It kinda works, to get an idea of entry and exit, but for directional trading, it becomes very subjective. I either got stopped out or I never reached 2:1 or 3:1 profit target, therefore very challenging to become consistently profitable. But, perhaps it is still a feather in my cap, in some way, like being able to look at a chart and recognise where the supply & demand is.


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They were recently investigated by the FTC due to their business practices, and the fact that a high percentage of their students lost money following their teachings. Obviously one can't immediately fault the teachings, because in my experience emotion is the biggest killer of a strategy, not the strategy itself. Regardless thanks for the comment!