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Can anyone comment on the the option analysis/trading features of TastyWorks vs TOS ? . Is it similar or the same as TOS given that they wrote the original TOS software.

I am in the UK and cannot open a TD account, however a TastyWorks account is available. I do have an IB account but their options
analysis software seems very poor ( or I dont know how to use it correctly!).

Many thanks

Update: After searching around a bit I found this review
. Hope it helps.
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Last time I looked, there was no comparison between TOS and the Tastyworks platform, especially in regards to analytics.

Except for the fact that Sosnoff was involved in Thinkorswim, I don't know if anybody else from Thinkorswim went to work in the development of Tastyworks.

Sosnoff has a bias against TA and I think that is reflected in the software.

The interfaces for setting up various spreads and modifying them is well done and that is their major strength.

Now, it depends what you are trading, but it is not going to replace OV, ONE or TOS for butterflies type of trades IMO.

For withdrawals: outside the US, it will cost you $45, and 25 to wire funds inside the US.

The $10 capped per leg does NOT apply to indexes on options.