Volatility Trading Strategies


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Hello Everyone:

I have been subscribed to Volatility Trading Strategies for several months with good results. Brent (the proprietor) is very informative. He is teaching his customers as well as giving trade signals. What I don't like is that it is a 'black box' system for his trade signals. But he does a lot of education to keep you on the right side of the markets even if you don't follow his trade signals. He is NOT promising you to get rich. His subscription price is very reasonable. And there is no 'UP' selling after your in. He seems like a genuine trader that is selling the research and investment he has made to get where he is in investing as a second income stream. Which to me is how it should be and it is a smart business decision on his side.
The web site is https://www.volatilitytradingstrategies.com/
I am NOT affiliated.
I am a satisfied customer. Particularly with his VIX (using VXX) strategy calls.
He specializes in Volatility and bases his non-vol trades around that to improve their performance and reduce massive draw downs when markets are nervous.
There is a free two week trial. https://www.volatilitytradingstrategies.com/subscribe
And a free newsletter that shows you his 'Volatility Meter' which in itself is helpful. Especially if you know how much research and input goes into it.

A well diversified portfolio should have some Volatility based investment included. Brent offers an easy way to bring this into your wheelhouse and a lot more.

I do not mean for this to sound like a sales pitch. But... This is one of the few signal services I have really found to be 'real' and easily followed. To me it is not the be-all because it is a black-box signal service. That being said I think his service would return greater than benchmark results as he has them. And he has a lot to teach when it comes to volatility.
He has lots of YouTube videos for free.

Thanks for listening I hope someone found this helpful.